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Photopaintings by Ken Wells

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Ken Wells is a journalist, novelist, photographer, fisherman, avid outdoorsman and bird lover. He never travels anywhere without his camera, these days a Sony A7ii fullframe digital 35mm, with a quiver of lenses.  Wells acquired his deep love of nature growing up on the bayous of his native Louisiana where he hunted, fished and rambled the woods, fields and swamps with his dad and five brothers. He became interested in photography at age 19 when he got his start in journalism as a reporter on his hometown weekly newspaper. On his first assignment, he was handed a Speed Graphic camera (the kind you see in those old black and white press movies) and sent to take a picture of a giant alligator snapping turltle. He's been hooked ever since. While Wells never trained as an artist, he became interested in graphic design during grad school at the University of Missouri, where he helped to redesign pages for the journalism school's daily paper.  Wells also took a Mizzou photojournalism and darkroom course under Art Terry, a former National Geographic photographer. However, when photography went digital, Ken was an early adapter of both digital cameras and digital photographic software, Photoshop in particular. He's  is self-taught in Photoshop and continues to learn something new every day.  Between frequent visits to his home state of Louisiana, Ken divides his time between Chicago and a beautiful little log cabin in the wilds of Maine. You can read more about Ken's journalistic and literary efforts at his website www.bayoubro.com.


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